What are Aura sprays?

Aura sprays are color coded energized sprays specifically designed to illuminate, harmonize and balance your aura and your personal environment. Each spray is designed to clear space and to help you set intention, activate and protect your personal electro-magnetic field.

How do they work?

The sprays are tools for adjusting our energetic field. Using the sprays is like doing conscious magic, i.e., doing ritual or putting action to your intention.

More specifically, colors are vibrations of light. As vibrational beings, we resonate with different colors at different times. When we choose colors, we can set intention and receive insight that can help us feel more stable, move through challenges and be inspired by the future.

Crystal and gem essences, like flower essences or Bach Flower Essences, are vibrational remedies. Vibrational healing is based on the idea that we are energetic beings and that when our energies become out of balance, it affects all levels of our lives. Vibrational remedies are subtle tools and techniques to harmonize our energetic bodies. The principles of Quantum physics are well established and the implications extend to quantum healing. For a wonderful guide to help explore the connection between quantum physics and spirituality, take a look at Dr. Amit Goswami’s site.

Finally, the power of scent and Aromatherapy have been used since ancient times to alter our moods, thoughts and overall well-being.

What’s in the products?

Energized water, pure essential plant and flower oils and extracts, crystal and gem infusions, certified organic neutral grain alcohol and natural colors approved by the FDA. That is it. The products are made in small batches during peak astrological times with the guidance and influence of archetypal and angelic beings and crystals.

How do I know which colors to use?

You can: just choose any colors you like; refer to the chakra chart here; read the spray descriptions to feel which ones resonate with you; tell me the 3 colors that attract you the most and share something you’d like to heal or change in your life. (You can send me a note here).

Don’t worry about making the “right” choice. You can’t choose the wrong colors. All of the sprays are beneficial. Some people use all the colors and others choose to focus on 1 or 2. Remember: healer heal thyself.

How do I use the sprays?

I spray them in an arc around me, around my room or personal space. I keep them where I keep all my lotions, powders, essences, etc. I use the colors as part of my daily routine so I can care for my subtle body as much as my physical. This is my goal for a perfectly balanced combination! I have friends who keep them on their altar and others who keep them in their box of tricks. They are also very powerful to use during space clearing rituals and for setting intentions and creating good vibes before meetings, gatherings and celebrations. As with all things Aunt Vi, …there are no rules, only suggestions, so please use these products creatively and intuitively.

Can kids use them?

Yes, Aura Sprays are safe for everyone to use as long as you don’t spray them directly in your eyes and face. Remember, spray them AROUND you, NOT ON YOU. Adults, children and animals can benefit from their daily use.

What’s your shipping policy?

$5 shipping on all US orders

Orders over $75 – free shipping

We ship within 1-3 business days

USPS typically arrives in 2-3 days

Do we ship internationally?

I am happy to ship internationally. Please contact me here and I will let you know if it is possible depending on what country you live in and if so, I will provide pricing.

What’s Your Return Policy

Please pick your products carefully. Due to the vibrational quality of my products, I cannot re-use product sent back. If you are truly unhappy with your purchase, please let me know by contacting me here