Since 1999, I have been formulating vibrational healing products that protect, harmonize and strengthen the energetic system, also known as the human aura. For nearly 10 years at Aunt Vi’s Garden, my original store in West Hollywood, we gave “personal color readings” to anyone that walked into the store.

Through the language of color, visitors could reflect on themselves at a core level, helping to get to the root and understanding of the imbalances surrounding personal challenges. Color is the icing on the cake to any healing adventure. I will forever treasure the experience of helping others in person and I am grateful to continue offering my insight and effective products from this site.

I am a mom to 3 sons who are my most meaningful teachers. Several years ago I had the awakening of my life and realized that I didn’t want to send my boys through traditional schooling. To truly transform and heal the world, we must make radical changes to our educational system and how we as a collective raise children. Working towards this end has become my greatest passion and I am currently unschooling my children and forging a path from which I and others can learn.

Who’s Aunt Vi? When I was growing up, my wonderfully unique and beloved aunt encouraged me to follow the path of my heart and passion. She was my favorite person; she saw me, nurtured me, loved me and influenced me deeply. She introduced me to influences such as Carl Jung and Alan Watts, incense, health food stores, crystals, bubble baths & spirituality. Her biggest lesson to me was that practicing, learning and reflecting about ourselves and relationships is the path to a meaningful life.

Enjoy, Amanda Enclade