Mercury Retrograde Balancer Spray…for Skeptics

posted on 7th January, 2019

Working with vibrational essences, aromatherapy, and other alternative healing modalities, we embrace healthy skepticism, both from within and from others. We recently had an interesting exchange with an astrology blogger who had posted the following, “Don’t Fall For This!” It was about our Mercury Retrograde Balancer Spray.

Unfortunately, the blogger assumed we were selling the promise of getting rid of the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde. Here’s how Amanda replied:

My husband Erick reached out to you asking if we could send you a sample of our Mercury Retrograde Balancer Spray. When he forwarded me your exchange, I looked through your site and, lo and behold, found your April post, “Don’t Fall For This!” about our spray! 

I can honestly say that I laughed out loud…it just seemed very funny that Erick reached out to you without knowing that you had posted already. From what you said in your initial exchange with Erick, “the best way for you to participate in our online community is to read and comment on the blog.” I wanted to comment on the post, but comments are closed. I’m hoping you can reopen the comments so I can post the following, you can do it for me, or perhaps there’s some other way or place to respond.

Here’s what I’d say to you and the community:
It’s totally understandable how you would think the spray is a gimmick. My inner skeptic is one of my most valuable perspectives and voices. But to clarify what we offer: The spray uses a combination of aromatherapy and vibrational essences to support and enhance the positive energies when mercury is retrograde. We are not trying to “get rid of Mercury Retrograde.” For your readers who aren’t familiar with vibrational healing (flower and gem essences, for example), this link provides a good overview.

Since Mercury rules the brain and communication, is half dark and light, hot and cold, unconscious and conscious, I chose a combination of contrasting and balancing pure essential oils; lavender and peppermint simultaneously calm and stimulate. The spray also contains the Bach flower remedy Clematis and White Chestnut and gem essence infusions of Blue Topaz to support communications and Ruby for grounding. Finally, I add the planetary essence of mercury retrograde which helps with inner clarity and awareness.We both take different healing tools seriously, yet with a healthy dose of skepticism. How do we prove that any of this stuff works? Should we even try to prove it? Is it all mental or a placebo? Quantum science starts to make a lot of these questions irrelevant as the wall between the observer and the observed breaks down. Regardless, I make these products with positive intention and integrity. My customers often swear by them and recommend them to friends. I have studied and worked with different modes of healing for 25+ years and it is my passion. At a minimum, the ritual of misting ourselves with a beautiful smell brings a moment of reflection, awareness and delight. Ideally, we actually use the tool to shift our perspective and behavior.

As mentioned, I’d be happy to send you a sample spray to try it out. As long as you’re not trying to get rid of Mercury Retrograde…clearly a fool’s task…you may just enjoy the simple act of doing a little spraying. The worst thing that can happen is nothing.

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