The Aura Cleanse

posted on 17th May, 2018

The aura cleanse sounds so refreshing…I imagine an aura treatment, the Loofa scrubby taking away stagnancy that keeps the subtle energies from flowing and the white light from shining. Aunt Vi’s uses color for healing, but there are so many ways to approach the aura cleanse. Searching for some images to go along with this post, I came across two that were so different on the surface, but yet so similar underneath.

The first is a familiar image of the subtle energies. It highlights the primary chakras.

The traditional image of the chakras

The Aura Cleanse Body

As the different chakras are aligned and the energy is flowing, light radiates and expands into the universe.

aura cleanse by Charmed from the Book of Shadows

Magical aura cleansing














The second image is from something called the Book of Shadows. Sounds spooky…and it talks about witches! Although it’s certainly has a different feeling than the image above, it’s message about cleansing the aura is fundamentally the same, “…From dark to light sweep history.” What a great image to associate with the witch’s broom.








Regardless of the practice and the tools, it’s really all about the intention and action that goes along with it. Anyone reading this post is well familiar with the skepticism that so many people have about alternative healing in general. Is quantum healing real? Do flower and gem essences really work?

Ritual is putting intention into action. “Doing something” has power and when it’s aligned with a vision of a “clean aura,” for example, it can only help us on our journey towards the light.

Aunt Vi’s products are tools to help with sweeping away that which gets in our way. The white aura spray, for example, is particularly well-suited to cleansing energy and “cleaning the chakras.”

The White Aura Spray

Useful for cleansing the aura


The clear or white spray is used to detoxify personal space and discharge stagnant energy with an infusion of white light. It can be used to cleanse your aura every day, at home and when traveling. Its particularly wonderful for use by practitioners before and after healing sessions.

This clear essence contains Juniper oil, a folk remedy to dispel and purify negative spirits. It is infused with Clear Quartz and Diamond essences and also has the antibacterial and refreshing oils of Tea tree and Peppermint. We use this essence to regularly cleanse, protect and renew our home and surroundings.

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