dancing with anger (red)

posted on 28th April, 2018

Red is the color of awakening, of passion, of our energetic life force. In its negative expression, red reveals itself through anger, like fire, an explosion. Anger is usually repressed; we usually feel ashamed, embarrassed or wrong for allowing anger to surface. However, we must learn to release anger or it will create a hidden, volatile, destructive and disruptive volcano inside us, rearing its head again and again.

I cannot say enough how important it is to understand and “conquer” this intense energy. We don’t conquer it by sweeping it under the carpet (again and again…) for it will simmer and arise again with similar issues. Healing anger hurts like hell (red) and forces us to reflect on what terrorizes us most (security). The gift of anger is that it can fuel us, can shake up the foundational roots of our being, our kundalini life force. During the first, often socially unacceptable stages of anger it is important to allow yourself to be in it fully, to express it safely (without abuse or violent behavior) in some way. All exercise, martial arts, dancing hard, gardening, creating something out of nothing…As hard as it is to honor this powerful blood curdling energy, I want you to know that you will find your next step, you will find the renewal that your soul needs. This renewal will help you begin to walk towards personal awakening and the manifestation of a new powerful and strong energy that resides calmly in you.

Imagine harnessing the waves of anger like you would a big powerful fiery dragon. Conquer the fear, the heat and the wildness. This destructive energy will become your ally helping you to re-create your life and heal the core issues surrounding the anger. If you let yourself dance with anger, it will become the energy you need to start anew (awakening).

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