Mercury Retrograde is coming again! August 2, 2011

posted on 18th July, 2011

Once again, Mercury Retrograde is coming on August 2nd. Are you ready??

Here’s a little background to help you prepare.  


A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Retrograde planets present us with a series of events over which we seem to have little or no control. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, as a rule, but the effects of each period differ, according to the sign in which it happens.


Although Mercury Retrograde influences everyone differently, it tends to affect all levels of communications and often leads to various kinds of delays and misunderstandings. Practical communications and interactions with, for example, mail, technology, publishing and business contracts can become bogged down in conflict. For most of us, it’s not wise to make important decisions during this time. More broadly, the retrograde can create challenges with all of the ways that we relate to the outside world; cars, computers, travel, basically everything, will often be functioning funny. Everything can feel very wobbly, unbalanced and confusing.

However, Mercury Retrograde provides a time for self-reflection and inner growth. Spending time with the quiet part of the self gives us the inner awareness and power to go out into the world and operate more effectively. Mercury Retrograde encourages us to spend time on activities such as: cleaning out closets and drawers; art in any form; organizing photos (and organizing of any kind); meditation; personal readings; etc.


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