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Guest Post: Kimlovemuse’s Energy Notes

posted on 3rd May, 2011

Since April was all about being tossed about, not knowing if you were coming or going, or going to be picked up by flying monkeys. May should be….(I will explain the should be.. not calmer, but at least feeling as though pieces will be fitting together and falling into place.  The catch to this is..YOU must must orchestrate it!  If you’ve been lazy, apathetic, lost, delusional..pull it together and TAKE a direction.  One that your Soul will guide you to.  Start there and follow the yellow brick road. or as Joseph Campbell said:

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.


It is essential that you get to work, if you haven’t noticed..the Energy is moving at a rapid rate you don’t have to move at the same rate, as a matter of fact you should move behind the pace so you can pay attention to what’s going on, but you have to work diligently, and be super super focused on your projects and your creativity. and the logistics of your living, managing your stress, and keeping your spirit very strong and clear.  (Clarity is always a great armor against chaos).

I’ve noticed a few of my friends have this down already, but that’s because they have been working smart and steady way ahead of the times now.

There is a lot of musical chairs going on ..with living and working.  People are opening up their spaces to other people, people are moving around like me living in 3 different places, and actually learning.. forcing myself to be unattached to possessions, and become more spontaneous as a light body to be able to navigate around the planet.  The Chaos will not stop so don”t look for comfort there, learning to navigate around it, through it ..will be the key, and you will have moments of comfort mostly with people you love.

The Energy is so Intense on getting to your work on the planet that you will probably not be sleeping your mind will be non-stop.  Try to manage this by calming down your body.  The Energy will be so high and so powerful you won’t know when to stop, so leave some things for another day.  Organization will be key on what to do next.

Orchestrating everything now will be difficult, yet not impossible.  Alot of Innovation will be required which will actually be very inspiring. Community living will get stronger in that there will be frequent visits from people from various places.  Support for our friends will be unconditional as everyone of us will need support in many different ways.  ESPECIALLY in CREATIVE ENDEAVORS.

I could not do anything with the talent of almost every person in my life.  I actually love it and thrive on it.

Our lives have been in the process of being dismantled and rebuilt all in the same view..this has been very strange like nothing I have ever experienced as I have had to stay present at every moment to figure things out, watch them change, be open to the fact that they wouldn’t work out as planned, I mean  all over the place not knowing what came first, what to do first, what I could do, feeling powerful, feeling helpless, wanting to run away, wanting to get settled and somehow through all the Intense Chaos, and I mean Intense Chaos on life choices..pushing through on top of dealing with the Energy on the planet news being shoved down our throats, lies being shoved down our throats while we are just trying to Live Well, Love Well, and Be Well.  It’s seems so unfair to me at times but if you move at your own pace, rythm things will actually begin ..to fall into place for you. only for more work, inspiration and projects, travel to come your way.

This is all working under the radar meaning pay attention to what’s going on in the World, but don’t buy into anything.  NO ONE really knows..so be as Happy, Productive, Loving and Fulfilled as you can be.  You will be stripped of your inspiration if you give to much credit to people screaming that the sky is falling.

I met a man that said to me passed on from his father:  ”If the Sky is Falling, Use it as Blanket to Cover Yourself”…I loved that and I never forgot it.

Your living space will be different, you will be different, your decor will be different  Everything will have changed inside and out.  I feel like we have been digging through underground tunnels for months, and now we can put our shovels down because we’ve come up into the open air.  What a long arduous road this has been..in regard to relationships~ with yourself, other people, your work, your lifestyle, your creativity, your well everything so fulfilling, frustrating, inspiring and exciting all at the same time.

Here is a warning:  If you decide to go against your Soul  It won’t be pretty and funny enough it is harder to be honest in these times but much more necessary.  I don’t mean morality..that’s old.  I mean the New Spiritual Rules which quite simply is: Being True to your Truest Self*  The treasure is in discovering that, and being Super Brave to actually take it on and endure it.

Women are so inspired, and creative at the moment that I think we may be scaring our men…(this goes for all couples gay, straight whatever).  The creative one in the relationship will be the crazier one because genius requires a bit of insanity..it will pass.  The logical grounded one will keep us from flying to far off into dream world so that we can actually execute our Compelled Artistry instead of keeping it as a dream with no follow~through.  There will be so many unusual projects and coming together of people it will be astounding and so exciting.  Creativity is what is Healing this Planet.  Keep your focus on that not on the media trying to sidetrack you.

We will need to find a balance ,and their will be power struggles with this. The support will need to be passed back and forth, along with explaining the unusual behavior that may be happening as creativity comes alive.  People may not know people as they discover new sides of themselves. Give them the freedom to master what they need to within their own spirit.  You won’t lose them if you can stay close but open, progressive and freedom oriented.  I am talking about Creative wise.  This has nothing to do with no being monogamous.  Monogamy will still be strong.

All in All.. we have in some ways landed home..in our hearts, and now to watch the world unfold with be fascinating, terrifying, electrifying and unexplainable as these times deepen our experience in human existence on the planet.  Revolutions are taking places necessary for the evolution of mankind.  There is no where to run, and nowhere to hide.  Be Smart, Be safe, Be Aware.

Good Luck Soul Surfers and remember:

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. -Joseph Campbell



Much Love



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