posted on 26th April, 2011

A void of course moon is “the time from when the Moon has left one sign of the zodiac and has not yet moved into another.” The moon has been void a lot lately, for entire days at a time. This is a drag because I am trying to get so much off the ground. It reminds me about the need for patience, about waiting a little bit longer to allow the natural energies of the universe to support me. One of my favorite astrologers, Stephanie Azaria from The Cosmic Path puts it this way:

These long void Moon days are not all that common, and while they are not great for getting new projects off the ground, they are perfect for finding some inner stillness and connecting deeply with the heart center.


Read this great tutorial I found about moon voids on The Astrology Weekly website.

Here’s a quote from the article reminding us what to do and what to avoid..times are a changin’ so we need all the cosmic support we can get.

Benefits of this period

Everyone can benefit from these moments, the void of course Moon periods are truly great for taking a break from the common activities, for relaxing, for listening to music or reading literature, for catching up with house work or other routine activities that do not require much focus.

What not to do during this time

The void of course Moon periods are most unfavorable to do anything that require a specific desired outcome, with a very wide range of actions that include sending emails or faxes, applying for a job or contest, asking for favors, getting married or going out to date someone for the first time, starting a lawsuit or a business, announcing anything, buying important items such as a car, a property, etc.

The basic rule is: when you want something to happen, if you want to be successful, avoid the void of course Moon periods, at all costs.

However, if you wish something not to happen, then choose this moment. Example: suppose that you want to avoid a conflict with someone, but you have to visit him/her, go there during a void of course Moon period.

The moon was void all day today and I was up in the canyons, playing in the creek with my kids, finding some inner stillness and reflection before a hopefully productive day tomorrow!



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